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Mozilla Firefox / Safari

Menu tab edit/edition > Preferences > General > Home page, in the text input put http://dirlin.com

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Button configuration and personalization > configuration > go down to aspect (In home page) > change, in text input put http://dirlin.com


Tools > Options > General > Home page, in text input put http://dirlin.com > Acept

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Tools(gear) > Internet options > General, put http://dirlin.com > apply

In Dirlin we recommend IE 10, top or another browser for have a good experience on our website

Welcome to

Welcome to Dirlin! Dirlin is a website with the aim of providing you access to your favorite web from those simple links, with all in the cloud . If you register, you can change, add, and remove links and change the background and text of webpage, Dirlin hasn't limits. Which links are open in a new tab also can be changed. You can put Dirlin as home page, if you don't know how, click here